GamifyClub Community Airdrop #1 — To ISOLA Stakers

Hello everyone, as we get closer to our token launch for GamifyClub we would like to find ways to give back to and support our early users and those of our key partners.

As they announced, we are part of the Intersola Incubator Program and have been working closely with the team through our early development and our token launch. To celebrate our incubator sale round happening next week, we are excited to announce the details for the first GamifyClub community airdrop!

How to Participate

In partnership with Intersola, we will be offering an airdrop of a total 23,333 GMFC tokens to existing ISOLA stakers who complete a number of simple tasks!


This community airdrop will be directed at members of the Intersola community who have currently staked their ISOLA token on their website. Wallets that have not currently staked ISOLA are not eligible for this airdrop.

This airdrop campaign will be open from the 14th of October at 12:00 UTC until the 22nd of October at 12:00 UTC.

Detailed Steps

  1. Confirm you are eligible by visiting and connect your wallet. If you are at least a Tier 1 staker than you are eligible for this airdrop.
  2. Follow our Twitter page:
  3. Follow the Intersola Twitter page:
  4. Quote retweet the GamifyClub Airdrop tweet and tag 3 friends and tell us why you’re excited about GamifyClub:
  5. Join our Telegram:
  6. Join the Intersola Telegram:
  7. Fill out the form over at
    Please note that you MUST complete this form and input the same SPL address here that you have your ISOLA staked with.

How to Claim

The airdrop will be credited to your wallet and be claimable via Intersola partner Solminter, 7 days after TGE. Simply enter their app, connect your wallet, click on Token Management, navigate to the GMFC token contract (to be provided), click manage, then Withdraw to see your airdrop and claim time.

About GamifyClub

GamifyClub is the all-in-one hub for the Solana Metaverse — supporting the growth of games & the potential of players. A single platform to enhance your play-to-earn gaming experience: For players, guilds, investors & project owners. Your club for game finance.

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Your All-In-One Hub to the Solana Metaverse. Find out more at

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Gamify Club

Gamify Club

Your All-In-One Hub to the Solana Metaverse. Find out more at

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