GamifyClub Official Product Launch

Say hello to our new identity!

Hello Community,

After long last, the team is excited to present to you the formal unveiling of our full GamifyClub Product Launch!

We would have been happier if development went more smoothly but the market and other factors had other plans. Regardless of these challenges, the team has worked extremely hard through a rocky development cycle in order to bring you what we believe is a game changer in the world of GameFi and Play2Earn gaming.

Alongside this, we hope you’re excited to see our fresh new rebranding of our website.

The GamifyClub Product Launch

Updates to our roadmap

Our team has been taking in feedback from early users as well as responding to the needs of the market given where the industry and general macro factors are pointing us toward. We make the decision to halt development on the game launchpad given the macro market environment and proliferation of competitors in the space. What this allowed us to do is free up development resource to build the best possible product that will assist in helping guilds & the players that use them, as well as to get games to build their on-chain back-end quicker and more effectively.

Guild Services

Our flagship product is our guild management system currently focused on the largest blockchain game — Axie Infinity. In simplistic terms, our guild services have been created to help:

  • Players are able to find and join new guilds to enhance their P2E gaming experiences
  • Guilds are able to manage and simplify their management workflow in one place

Our guild tools are simple to use and jump into the action, so check out our how-to guides over at our Product Centre!

Game Services

We’re also very excited about our new B2B product, specifically aimed at improving the back-end and speed with which new games area able to integrate blockchain functionality.

GamifyClub provides an instant setup to bring blockchain services to your game! Fully-hosted API to handle all your token services from one place.

This includes the following benefits:

  • Dedicated landing page — Simply setup a landing page for your game through our backend.
  • Dedicated API — Our API provides an instant backend for games to connect their game to Blockchain. As well as a fully hosted API for games to execute all in-game token interactions.
  • Your gamers instantly become web3 gamers — Users can take control of tokens within a staking contract, they simply need to connect their web3 wallet. Games can deposit a set amount of tokens to be shared between players. Any game can convert into a blockchain game with a simple rest API call.

Prospective game developers can check out our how-to guides over at our Product Centre, otherwise please reach our direct to us to find out more.

Token Distribution Update

Given where the market currently stands, we’ve made the decision to accelerate token distribution. Final private sale distributions will be made at the time of posting, whilst the Intersola Incubator and Public Sale participants have now been fully distributed.

We’re excited to continue building and thank all community members for your support thus far. Please help us spread the word and we will have further updates out very soon.

About GamifyClub

GamifyClub is the all-in-one hub for the Solana Metaverse — supporting the growth of games & the potential of players. A single platform to enhance your play-to-earn gaming experience: For players, guilds, & project owners. Your club for game finance.

Join in the action now — buy the GMFC token on Raydium ⚡
Token address: 42Y3CgJQLnHjdScYMu8VS4TbeZMUNVdBMKYbf7hz7aum
Raydium pair: GMFC/USDC
Buy now link: Raydium
Full info: Product Centre

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Your All-In-One Hub to the Solana Metaverse. Find out more at

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Gamify Club

Your All-In-One Hub to the Solana Metaverse. Find out more at

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