GamifyClub Public Sale — Coming on the 2nd of December at 11:00 UTC

Hello everyone!

The time has finally come and we are ready to announce the launch of our GameFi launchpad AND our Public Sale coming on the 2nd of December at 11:00 UTC 🥳

We hope you share our excitement in finally launching to the public and bringing our GameFi platform to market. To those who won’t be taking part in the public sale, we will be listing GMFC on Raydium on the 3rd of December at 11:00 UTC!

The future of the Metaverse and play-to-earn NFT gaming is bright and we intend on being at the forefront of this wave. The GamifyClub team would like to formally welcome you to the community & the club. 🔥

Public Sale Details

  • Pool Link: TBC
  • Sale Start: 2nd December 2021, Thursday at 11:00am UTC
  • Sale End: 3rd December 2021, Friday at 11:00am UTC (unless sold out)
  • Sale Round 1: Whitelist only // 11:00 to 11:20am UTC // 1 x Allocation
  • Sale Round 2: Whitelist only // 11:20 to 11:40am UTC // 3 x Allocation
  • Sale Round 3: Open to public // 11:40am UTC onward // 30 SOL
  • Sale Currency: SOL — equivalent SOL price provided 12 hours prior to sale
  • Price per GMFC: $0.60 USD
  • Max Allocation per Wallet: 600 GMFC (~$360 worth)
  • Min Allocation per Wallet: None
  • Vesting: 50% provided on TGE, 50% provided at the start of month 3 (3rd Feb 2022)
  • Token Claiming: TGE tokens claimable on pool page, later distribution airdropped to wallet

Who can take part

Participation in the GamifyClub Public Sale will be made available to 2 sets of people:

  • Whitelisted Wallets — A list of 500 whitelisted wallets has been provided here. Wallets included here will be able to purchase up to 600 GMFC each (approx. $360 worth at the price of $0.6) in the 1st round and 3x that amount on a FCFS basis in the 2nd round. Your 600 GMFC allocation is only ‘guaranteed’ for the first 20 minutes of the sale.
  • Public (Non-Whitelist) — If any allocation remains after the end of Round 1 and 2 (11:40am UTC onward), the remaining allocation is purchasable by non-whitelisted wallets (ie. the public) on a very limited basis

How will the sale work?

As part of our partnership with Intersola via our participation in their Incubator program, we have been lucky enough to licence their technology stack as the base for our 1.0 release of the launchpad. This has meant that we are able to launch quicker whilst focusing on the development of our Guild Integrator and Metaverse Marketplace. If you’re ever taken part in a sale there, you might be a little familiar with how ‘guaranteed allocation’ and their three-tier structure works.

Sale Guide

Important Notes

  • Use a desktop browser, no mobile support (may cause errors)
  • Use Phantom or Sollet browser wallet extension
  • Confirm that your wallet is properly Connected (top right hand corner of the pool page should show your SOL balance)
  • Whitelisted wallets will have a 20 minute window to purchase your guaranteed allocation. Please ensure you do not miss the sale start time.
  • The next 20 minutes is also for whitelisted wallets, however this is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Public wallets (ie. not whitelisted) can purchase after the first 40 minutes

Sale Rounds

  • Staker Round 1 — 11:00 to 11:20 (1 x Allocation and guaranteed)
  • Staker Round 2 — 11:20 to 11:40 (3 x Allocation and FCFS)
  • Public Round — 11:40 onward (FCFS)


  1. Go to the GamifyClub Pools page
  • Connect your wallet by going to the top right-hand corner and clicking Connect, then choose your wallet connection method (please use the browser extension) and approve it on your wallet
  • Check that your SOL balance is showing up correctly to ensure you’re properly connected

2. Confirm you are whitelisted for the sale

  • Your wallet must be connected
  • Your whitelist status will be shown on the pool page
  • Your Allocation will be confirmed closer to the sale start

3. After the sale begins, type in your desired sale amount in SOL, and click Contribute

  • Type in how much you want to spend (SOL) then click Contribute
  • The amount of token you are purchasing will show underneath this
  • Your allocations can be seen on the left of this in ‘SWAP TOKENS’
  • ‘POOL ROUND TIMELINE’ will show at what stage the sale is currently in, and how much longer before the next phase
  • ‘SWAP INFO’ contains info relating to the max SOL being sold in the pool, how many successful participants in the sale so far, and how much of the token has been sold

4. Click Confirm and confirm the transaction within your wallet

  • Click on Confirm and then confirm the transaction within your wallet browser extension

5. After the claim time is passed, you can go back onto the pool page and click Claim Tokens

  • Tokens will be claimable 24 hours after the start of the pool
  • You must be claiming with the same wallet you used to buy
  • The ‘Claim Token’ button will be greyed out until the tokens are claimable. Click ‘Claim Token’ to get the tokens.

About GamifyClub

GamifyClub is the all-in-one hub for the Solana Metaverse — supporting the growth of games & the potential of players. A single platform to enhance your play-to-earn gaming experience: For players, guilds, investors & project owners. Your club for game finance.

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Your All-In-One Hub to the Solana Metaverse. Find out more at

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Gamify Club

Gamify Club

Your All-In-One Hub to the Solana Metaverse. Find out more at

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